Words I Need to Hear: A Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

Today is hard. Not your hardest day for sure, but far from the easiest. You’re living outside of your comfort zone in a lot of ways right now and that’s tough for anyone. 

But your brain works a little differently. Going out of your comfort zone means a barrage of worst-case scenarios, your body screaming at you that what you’re doing is not only challenging, but life-or-death dangerous.

Guess what? It is a battle of life and death, but not the way your body thinks it is. It is life or death because if you stop trying, if you stay in bed and pretend you don’t want the full range of human experience, you will die.

Not a physical death and not a quick death, but a slow immolation of the curiosity, determination, and ambition that make you the person you are. If you stop putting yourself out there– risking failure, rejection, pain– you will cease to live.

That’s not to say you must always succeed. You will fail. You will face rejection. You will hurt. You will fall, but you must always get back up. Despite what your brain tells you, these things are normal. You will not only survive but you will thrive.

So celebrate the hard days like this one, the days where your brain is begging you to run away and hide– yet you find a way to move forward. 

It’s okay to take a day off. It’s ok to need some alone time.

But it’s not okay to quit and I’m proud of you because you never have.




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